Darjoolong (Oolong Tea)
Darjoolong (Oolong Tea) Darjoolong (Oolong Tea) Darjoolong (Oolong Tea) Darjoolong (Oolong Tea) Darjoolong (Oolong Tea) Buy Darjoolong Tea Buy Oolong Tea Darjoolong - Oolong Tea Leaf Darjoolong Leaf Tea
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Semifermented Oolong tea, summer harvesting :
Organic Darjeeling Oolong Tea : Our oolong of the 'thunderbolt' land is a mild semi-fermented tea, between a black and a green, produced only in small quantities for oolong lovers. Possess digestive properties and is an ideal post mealtime cup. Manufacture requires special technique through repeated foot rolling in cheese clothes during the first 15 hours of withering. This tea is a highly aesthetically pleasing tea with large uncut green/bluish leaf. The clear liquor is like honey almost like nectar.
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