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Organic Green Tea

Apoorva Green Organic Darjeeling Green Tea Carton Box

Apoorva Green Organic Darjeeling Green Tea Carton Box

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Apoorva Green Pouch: A Leaf Green Tea, produced during the rains by expert tea makers to bring forth this crisp yellow colour cup of  a clear, refreshing Darjeeling Green Tea.The best brewing time for this tea is 2-3 mins, which will bring out its intrinsic quality of a clear, yellow, refreshing vegital taste notes to it. The finesse in making this tea is to produce the rich yellow coloured liquor in ensuring that its plucked leaf does not undrego any fermentation at any stage of its manufacture.
Apoorva Black Pouch: A Leaf Tea, produced during the summer weeks of June July, processed by experienced tea makers to bring forth this amber colour cup of a typical muscatel flavoury Darjeeling Tea. The best brewing time for this tea is 4 mins which will enable the liquor to express host of its balances profile of rich amber brightness, smooth mouthfeel, muscatel fruity top notes of raisins and berries with a lingering finish of a good Darjeeling Tea produced in summer months.
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