Darjeeling Peony White Tea (25 Tea Bags)
Darjeeling Peony White Tea (25 Tea Bags) Darjeeling Peony White Tea 25 Tea Bags Darjeeling Peony White Tea Online
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Bai Mu Dan, white tea, summer plucking:
Organic Darjeeling Peony White Tea: A high order under-fermented green tea, known as WHITE PEONY in the region of Fujian. This Makaibari white tea has the highest horac among our Tea Treasures and is therefore the ideal anti-ageing tea. Select two leaves and a bud plucked from the most remote segregate areas of Makaibari surrounded by a primary forest. Bai Mu Dan presents a delicate light green leaves with perfect fluffy bud. Once brewed the liquor is of the palest apple green, almost white. The aroma is that of soft peony mown hey with a sweet and well-rounded balance of gooseberry and honey.
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