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Darjeeling: The Champagne of Teas

Nestled in the misty mountains of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is home to some of the world's finest teas, earning the name the "Champagne of Teas." Known for the best Darjeeling tea, this region thrives on its unique environmental conditions and age-old techniques.

Why Is It So Special?

Natural Factors: Darjeeling's topography provides the perfect climate for tea growth. The region's cool climate and optimum rainfall contribute to the unique flavors of Darjeeling tea. The sloping land ensures that water doesn't stagnate, receiving the perfect quantity for tea plants.

Special Harvesting: Makaibari tea estate remains loyal to traditional harvesting methods. Handpicking the tea leaves ensures the real flavour of Darjeeling black tea is maintained. The First flush tea and Second flush Darjeeling tea are particularly well-known.

Adherence to Old Ways: Unlike modern tea production, Darjeeling tea producers use methods dating back to 1845. This labor-intensive process maintains the Darjeeling tea quality, incorporating unique characteristics into each tea.

Selective Market Presence: Expert tea connoisseurs taste all varieties of Darjeeling tea to ensure they retain the original flavour. This guarantees that only the best Darjeeling tea reaches the market.

Makaibari's Role: As the first garden planted in Darjeeling, Makaibari is synonymous with quality and tradition. Organic Darjeeling tea produced here is considered the finest, with Makaibari tea sitting comfortably at the helm of the industry.

Explore Makaibari's Delightful Tea Selection

From Darjeeling white tea with unique White tea benefits to refreshing Organic green tea, there’s a variety for every palate. The Darjeeling green tea is a must-try for those looking for a refreshing experience, while the Darjeeling black tea aroma will captivate those who love bold flavours.

Darjeeling tea gardens offer an unparalleled experience with a rich history and exceptional quality. Whether you’re looking for Darjeeling black tea, Oolong tea with Oolong tea benefits, or Biodynamic tea, Darjeeling has something to offer.

With Moonlight plucking, Makaibari ensures that even the most delicate Moonlight Oolong tea maintains its purity. The combination of nature's blessing, age-old practices, and unmatched quality makes Darjeeling tea the Champagne of Teas. Embrace the Green tea benefits, explore the wide array of Organic Tea selections Makaibari India offers, and discover why Darjeeling's tea is a global sensation.

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