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Simple and Easy Ways to Make Your Teatime More Relaxing

Modern life has become too much hectic. It has become hard to find a peaceful moment and break daily troubles. Teatime is the best time to relax and take a break. So, don’t you think we should find ways to make this tea break more relaxing? A few things can bring tranquility to Darjeeling tea drinking experience.

  • Favorite Tea Wares

Drinking tea in your favorite cup or mug adds a sentimental value. Beautifully crafted mugs and cups are nowadays available in the market that can adorn your tea drinking ambiance. Drinking brew in a distinct cup makes a simple thing special and also boost your mood. Also, you can use Darjeeling tea wares like small pots, tea pets and trays to make your teatime more attractive, calming and entertaining.

  • Good Music

Perfect ambiance at teatime makes one feel more peaceful and comfortable. Go for a light soothing music like the “Zen music”. It has some specific sound and style that lowers blood pressure, relax muscle and lower heartbeat. Listening to this music will help you to be happy and will set your mood for a calming drinking experience.

  • Diverse Tea Flavors

Plethora of tea recipes are available in the market like lavender rosemary tea, rose blends, hawthorn tea, tulsi tea, jasmine green brew, chai and so on. It will be a different experience to prepare and taste these blends. You can also use various spices and herbs like tulsi, cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger in teas to have an extraordinary drinking experience. There are a wide range of flavors that you can try. Tea companies offer a lot of options to offer you a distinct drinking experience.

  • Tasty Snacks with Tea

Why drink tea by itself? Why not have some small tasty snacks with it? It will certainly make you feel happy. The snacks can be a very frugal and simple thing like nuts or salted biscuits or it can also be some delicious meal, cookies and crumpets like British. If it is Indian snacks with tea then it can be pakoras and samosas too. Adding a little bit of snacks with a cup of brew will make your experience more comfortable.

  • Right Brewing

If you want to have a perfect cup of tea, then you should brew it right. Adjust the steeping time according to variety of tea you are drinking. If you are drinking herbal tea, then you should use boiling water.

These are some of the wonderful ways to have an exotic drinking experience.

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