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Darjeeling Tea – A Healthy Beverage to Sip on During Monsoon

Tea is the beverage that most Indian love to drink and it becomes really enjoyable especially when it is raining. This beverage needs to be prepared with love and are savored by the whole family. What can be more pleasurable than to curl up in the couch and sip new flavors of this drink during monsoon? Let’s find out different kinds of blends that can make drinking tea in monsoon a better experience…

  • Green Tea

By now, everyone knows the health benefits of green blends. when we talk about green brews, we inevitably refer Darjeeling green teas as they are of the best quality. It is unoxidized variety of brew which is quite popular in global market. Green blends contain least amount of caffeine and are made from leaves of camellia sinensis. These leaves are picked, then dried and finally treated with heat to prevent oxidation. Darjeeling green brews are available in varieties of flavors like jasmine, mint, honey, ginger, lemon, tulsi and cardamom. This brew has an earthy flavor and immense health benefits.

  • Black Tea

Darjeeling black tea is another popular drink of tea enthusiasts across the world. This blend is completely oxidized and has a strong flavor. However, black blends of Assam are also quite favorite to all drinkers and have different flavor. You can give your black brew a twist in taste by adding cardamom or ginger to it. Drinking black brews can reduce kidney stones, high cholesterol, diabetes and other ailments.

  • Ruby Tea

Are you in a mood for a light yet warm and flavorful drink? Then, a cup of Darjeeling ruby tea is the perfect choice for you. This brew is made by blending summer teas of Darjeeling.

  • Iced Green Tea

If you are in a mood to have a healthy summer drink, then you can try iced green brew. Preparing this tea is very simple! You only have to boil some water and then cool it a little. Then put a green tea bag into it and brew for around five minutes. Now, add ice cubes and mint or freshly cut lemon for an extraordinary flavor. If you want to have sweetness in this iced tea, you can add honey or sugar. Darjeeling green tea can make a perfect cup of iced green brew.

Asides Darjeeling blends, there are other flavors of teas that can cater an exotic drinking experience during monsoon. It’s time to move out of the monotony and try something new!

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