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A Guide to First Flush & Second Flush Teas: Darjeeling’s Most Sought-After Teas

Tea lovers around the globe understand the allure of a well-steeped brew. The aroma of the leaves, the first sip's warmth, the distinct flavors swirling in the mouth—every experience is unique. In the vast and splendid world of teas, Darjeeling teas hold an iconic position, particularly the famed first-flush and second-flush variants.  


Here’s some tips to step into the realms of these treasures from the renowned Makaibari Tea Estate, shining a light on their unique traits and their importance in tea connoisseurship. 


First Flush & Second Flush: Understanding the Basics 

 Tea aficionados often look forward to the fresh arrival of the first flush tea, eagerly anticipating its vibrant, delicate, and highly aromatic infusion. This refers to the initial harvest of the year, typically ranging from late February to late April. With its short oxidizing window, first flush tea often carries the allure of a lightly roasted oolong tea, setting it apart from the usual Darjeeling black tea. These teas are harvested from the pristine Darjeeling tea gardens right after the winter dormancy, offering an enticing freshness that mirrors the spring season's rejuvenation. 

 Contrastingly, second flush teas, harvested from early May to mid-June, are celebrated for their deep amber hue, fuller body, and characteristic muscat grape notes. These teas undergo a longer oxidation process than the first flush, resulting in a flavor profile that's less fragrant but rich and bold. The unique taste profiles of the best Darjeeling tea, whether first or second flush, make them a highly sought-after selection worldwide. Darjeeling’s summer solstice blend is noted for it’s unique muscatel notes and booked in advance from world over. 

 The Uniqueness of Makaibari Tea 

 Nestled in the heart of Darjeeling, the Makaibari Tea Estate brings a legacy of superior tea production dating back to 1859. They offer an exquisite range of organic green tea, Darjeeling black tea, white tea, and oolong tea, each carefully cultivated and processed to ensure optimum quality and flavor. 

 Makaibari is the world’s first certified organic tea estate with certification from 1988. Also, it’s one of the world’s oldest certified biodynamic tea estates. 

 Makaibari's first flush and second flush teas stand tall with their distinct characters, thanks to the estate's unique practices like Moonlight Plucking. This ancient technique involves harvesting tea leaves under the moonlight, believed to enhance the brew's flavor and nutritional profile due to the cooling rays of the moon. Makaibari's Moonlight Silvertips Tea, a product of this tradition, is a prime example of the innovation and respect for tradition that sets the estate apart. 

 The Importance of First and Second Flush Teas 

 The critical role of first and second-flush teas extends beyond their delightful flavours. Their unique harvesting and processing patterns give them a high content of antioxidants, making them an excellent choice for health-conscious tea drinkers. Green tea benefits, for instance, range from boosting metabolism to improving brain function. Similarly, white tea benefits include aiding weight loss and promoting skin health. 

 Each flush's distinct character also caters to the diverse preferences of tea lovers, providing an extensive flavor palette to explore and enjoy. If you're a fan of delicate and light brews, the first flush variants like Makaibari's Organic Darjeeling tea would be your best bet. For those craving a more robust, full-bodied infusion, the second flush teas, with their alluring muscat grape notes, offer a delightful experience. 


In the end, the importance of first-flush and second-flush teas lies in the rich tapestry of flavours and experiences they offer, each cup representing the unique beauty of the seasons they're harvested in. At Makaibari Tea Estate, tea masters work all year long along with the community that take pride in our contribution to this wonderful tradition, offering the best Darjeeling tea selections, from green to black, white, and oolong. Dive into our world of exquisite teas and discover your favorite flush today. 

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